About Us

Our Story

North Star's story started back in 1998 with 1 bobcat and an entrepreneurial desire. President, Owner and Founder of North Star, Steve Skiba, had a vision to be one of the largest civil contractors in Calgary.  North Star has grown exponentially in the last 20 years, like any company we've had our ups and downs, but we are on track to continue growing and do great things. Working alongside some of Calgary’s largest development corporations, we are thrilled with every opportunity because we understand that sometimes there are doors and sometimes a small window, but we make the most of every experience. From 1 bobcat 19 years ago we are now a company with over 170 employees working in the Underground Utilities Industry as well as the Paving, Concrete, Grading, and Earthworks; combined we are a full-service civil contracting company. Our superintendents and foremen have years of experience in the industry; however we pride ourselves in being a young empowered company with a growth strategy to be different. We believe we have the best employees, who collectively work toward the vision of North Star. The culture we've created allows North Star to have high expectations and the result is quality, professional work that we deliver consistently.


Our Future

North Star Contracting Inc. believes in challenging the standard set by other companies. We strive to continually improve upon our business model, which leads North Star to relentlessly grow through opportunity. Our people are the foundation of our company and we pride ourselves in the community we’ve created within North Star.

Looking to the future, we see North Star as a company synonymous with quality and professionalism. We are working hard to build solid relationships to attest that we care and we will always be there to get the job done. Communication is key in this industry and we want to ensure that all the doors are open between contractor and client.  Being a trusted company and brand in this industry is important to us and we stand behind everything we do. Having completed a wide variety of civil contracting projects in the Calgary area, North Star believes that by doing great work with the right people, we will achieve our dream. We are a growing company and thrive on opportunity; each year we strive to outperform our competition. We ensure every project is completed beyond satisfaction and work with our clients and crews to meet the standards North Star has come to expect.