North Star is a prime contractor for the north ditch project in the East sector of Calgary. In the ditch pictured above, when there is heavy rainfall and especially when the snow melts after the winter months, water from the ditch overflows above the surface level. Workers then have to manually drain the overflowing water and therefore, the intention is to implement a water pump transformer that will pull the water down and transfer the excess water into a new manhole on the other side of the ditch. We will be installing three main pipelines for the excess water to run through. Additionally, in order to complete this project, grading will be required for one of the new pipelines because water runs south and we need the drainage to run north. This project has just begun and is expected to take at least a few months. The City of Calgary will also be installing cameras for a time-lapse of the project, so this project will definitely be an interesting one to look out for! 

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