North Star is the prime contractor for the development of a new residential area in Rock Lake Estates. We are responsible for underground, grading, concrete and paving services and construction has begun months ago. North Star has been working hard day in and day out to ensure the project is completed within scheduled time and before heavy snowfall hits the area. Stay tuned for the project as we will be updating everyone with the progress and maybe one day you’ll be walking towards your future home at Rock Lake community.

Located at 22 Marine Drive SE, North Star is a subcontractor for the development of a new Catholic School in Mahogany Calgary. The school begun construction back in May 1, 2016 and we are well on our way to finishing the surface services including parking lot for the school. Our work for the Underground has already been completed and now we are working on paving and implementing concrete around the school area. The facility is expected to be completed in 2018 and holds approximately 750 students across kindergarten to grade six.

Our paving crews have just recently finished paving the parking lot for Griffith Woods School and we are working on implementing more concrete and paving around the the school area. After approximately one year of work, our part of the job as a subcontractor is nearly done! If plans go accordingly, students will soon be able to attend the elementary school shortly after the New Years in January 2018. 

With another project checked off North Star’s list, we are happy to announce the one year work on Shawnessy Phase 1 surface has been completed in September 2017. Shawnessy is a suburban residential neighbourhood in the SW quadrant of Calgary.

North Star is a prime contractor for the construction of subdivision in the area of Discovery Ridge. Discovery Ridge is a residential neighbourhood in the SW quadrant of Calgary that is just minutes away from wonderful golf courses. With the first developments in 1990s, the community continues to grow steadily and with North Star’s help to establish a larger subdivision, residents of Discovery Point is sure to have many newcomers in the area.

North Star Contracting Inc. is a subcontractor for the development of Griffith Woods School, an elementary school for students grade K-9 that is expected to open in January 2018. Griffith Woods will be located around the community of Discovery Ridge and Springbank Hill making it easier for young students in the area to attend a school close to their home. North Star is responsible for completing the underground works and paving for the school’s parking lot.

The development of a new Petro Canada gas station near Country Hills Boulevard required North Star to take on the task of underground and paving services. North Star started this project in April 2017 and have just finished its final stages of paving in September 2017. Installing a water pipe in bedrock material and excavating an 8m deep hole in the middle of Country Hills Boulevard imposed a challenge for North Star.

With the Stampede festivities over and the hot, dry weather arrived; our crews are busier than ever! The schedules for both our underground and surface crews are full until the fall! There have been a few instances where we've had to turn down work, simply because we couldn't find enough of the right people. This industry is a tough one and finding the right people who will take our goals and mission and make them their own, isn't always easy. But we believe in our people and we know that those we do hire, are hired because they are the right fit.

North Star is on site today pouring concrete for CP11B Outfall in North West Calgary. Cold temperatures and snowfall have made for some challenges this past week, but prove our dedication and determination! Congratulations to the guys out there for toughing it out!

Building Hope for Kids is a fundraiser for the Alberta Childrens hospital and this year North Star was a Bronze sponsor. The foundation supports 82,000 kids and families who visit the hospital each year. Last year they raised $200,000 in net proceeds for the children in our community. Many families, some of which are North Star employees, have spent time in this hospital and have seen firsthand the wonders that quality equipment and care can do for their kids. This year, four of our employees attended the event and they were astounded by the impact that this event has.

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